Global Strategies Group

Founded in 1998, Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL) is a leading provider of defence and national security technology, software and systems.

Operating at the nexus of government and business, we address the key national security challenges of the 21st Century posted by hostile states, terrorist and criminal networks and the new threats of the Information Age.

We invest in capabilities that help ensure the security of the information domain, the effectiveness of defence and intelligence operations, and the resilience of critical national infrastructure.

Investment Approach

GLOBAL has been an investor and operator in defence and national security since 1998. Across all of our investments we apply our deep understanding of the sector, of managing business growth and change and of the financial market, gained over many years of running a world wide enterprise at the forefront of national security. We achieve significant returns by identifying and investing in dynamic businesses that seek to develop and grow, and where our sector expertise can add significant value. By using both public and private market capital structures to take key positions, Global Strategies Group is perfectly positioned to best support all of its stakeholders. Our investment approach is both rigorous and flexible and is guided by the following:

Sector Specific
Global Strategies Group is a sector specialist and only invests in next generation defence and national security technology, software and systems, where there is proven demand.

Flexible Structure
We work with co-investors using both public and private capital structures, and take either minority or majority positions in established, growth oriented businesses.

Strategic Advantage
We bring intellectual capital as well as finance to our investments, providing vision and strategy to help position and drive for accelerated growth. We have a deep understanding of the customer requirements and our extensive network of privileged relationships gives us information advantage to aid organic growth.

Smart Capital
We maintain a robust proprietary deal flow through our highly experienced M&A practice which allows us to smartly build key capabilities and customer sets to give our investments a competitive edge.

Entrepreneurial Mindset
We invest in smart business leaders who share our vision and mission focus. We work with entrepreneurs who drive for continuous improvement, and who seek growth capital to finance expansion and produce competitive advantage.

We help a business achieve excellence through adopting and adapting best practices gained from our many years of operational experience and managing significant growth and change.

Decisive Partnering
We utilise a formal but swift decision making process for all of our investments. Our dynamic approach to business sets us apart. Good governance is very important to us and we seek to add value through an ethical and transparent way of working that creates a rewarding partnership with all our stakeholders.

Ethical Principals
We put our hard won capital and reputation on the line. Hence, all of our investments are guided by a set of core values that are fundamental to our way of working: Ingenuity, Agility, Integrity, Commitment.

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Investment Performance

Global Defense & Technology Systems

Global Defense Technology & Systems

Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc (GTEC) was transformed to become an experienced provider of mission-critical technology-based systems, solutions and services.

Global Defense & National Security Systems

Global Defense & National Security Systems

Global Defense and National Security Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: GDEF) is a public company formed to acquire businesses operating in the U.S. defense and national security sectors.

Operational Capability

International companies and governments are increasingly working together to identify and address complex security threats, many of which demand highly sophisticated solutions.

GLOBAL has worked at the nexus of government and business over two decades, developing a deep understanding of current and emerging threats to national security and how they can most effectively be tackled.

We deploy financial and intellectual capital to the design, integration and application of specialist technology, software and systems. Through this, we help to secure the information domain, support defence, intelligence and law enforcement operations, and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security

The design and development of advanced solutions to protect the information domain. We provide software and technology to strengthen and modernise networks, improve information assurance and enhance information exploitation.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Technology integration to perform a range of tasks, from situational awareness and vulnerability assessments to encryption and authentication
  • Risk assessment and management strategies for ICT-based critical national infrastructure
  • Cyber forensics analytics, including real time intrusion forensics
  • Training and capacity building to strengthen the cyber security skills base

Systems Development and Integration

The development and integration of systems and services that enable effective defence, intelligence and security operations.  We specialise in C4ISR systems engineering and mission critical security services.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Enhanced threat identification, situational awareness and intelligence gathering
  • Securing critical national infrastructure and key assets, including security systems design and development
  • Designing, developing and operating mission-critical information technology systems, including agile software development
  • Capacity building through specialist technical and operational training programmes

Data Management and Analysis

The development of software-based tools that enhance the speed and quality of all-source data collection, analysis, management and visualisation. We work at each stage of the intelligence cycle to greatly improve situational awareness and enable smart decision making.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Gathering, analysing and managing critical ‘Big Data’ to produce high quality intelligence
  • Analyst support to better identify and mitigate political, operational and technical threats
  • Creating powerful data collection and analysis technologies to support law enforcement and counter-terrorism operations
  • Developing systems and techniques to enhance information operations
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Operational Experience

Security Systems Design
Location: Middle East

GLOBAL was commissioned by a leading operator of critical infrastructure to design new command, control and surveillance systems to protect its people and key facilities.

Mission Critical Data Management and Analysis

Mission Critical Data Management and Analysis
Location: Wordwide

GLOBAL was tasked with designing and implementing an IT architecture to collect, collate, analyse and store information regarding international terrorist movement.

Biometric Identity Management
Location: Worldwide

GLOBAL is working with Sciometrics to raise the bar in biometric data collection and analysis, enabling accurate mobile data capture and boosting data processing and matching.

Aviation Security

Aviation Security
Location: Iraq  and Afghanistan

As a leading provider of aviation security systems and services, GLOBAL was commissioned to design and implement new security programmes across five international airports.


The Team

Our Values

At GLOBAL, we address many of our clients’ most complex challenges. In doing so, we operate according to a set of clearly defined values that are fundamental to our way of working.

Our Values


Founded 1998 as a security services and risk management company, GLOBAL has grown organically to become a worldwide enterprise employing tens of thousands of personnel worldwide.

Investment Performance

Investment Performance

GLOBAL is a leading investor in capabilities that help ensure the security of the information domain, the effectiveness of defence and intelligence operations and the resilience of critical national infrastructure.

Operational Experience

Operational Experience

Since being established in 1998, we have deployed our specialist capabilities across hundreds of complex programmes, from securing airports and national borders, to designing terrorist tracking systems and training cyber intelligence personnel.

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GLOBAL has a presence worldwide, with the scale, reach and expertise to support our stakeholders wherever we are needed.



Based in London, our European operation includes our corporate headquarters, with the capacity and capability to support client operations in the United Kingdom and across Continental Europe.
 + 44 207 766 7200

GLOBAL North America

GLOBAL North America

Our regional team in Washington DC manages Group operations and investments in support of US defence and national security priorities. The team undertakes an active M&A role, raising and deploying capital in both the private and public markets, in order to invest in growth-oriented technology businesses.

GLOBAL Middle East

GLOBAL Middle East

Based in Dubai, our Middle East operation supports government and commercial clients across the region. In addition to developing and overseeing our relationships with local implementing and technology partners, the team is responsible for ensuring we are able to deploy wherever we are needed across the Middle East, Africa and Central and Southern Asia.
 + 971 4 292 3000

GLOBAL Asia Pacific

GLOBAL Asia Pacific

Based in Singapore and with an office in Tokyo, our Asia Pacific operation supports government and commercial clients across South East Asia. The team is also responsible for developing and managing our partnerships with local technology providers, helping to ensure that our solutions are tailored to local security priorities and requirements.