Time for Change: Gaining Knowledge Superiority for National Security

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information technology for national security

by David C. Gompert The United States and its allies face severe and disparate threats that place growing demands on U.S. military and intelligence capabilities. Meeting these demands means that the United States must build and sustain “knowledge superiority” by exploiting the latest and best information technology. This is essential to thwart attempts by ISIS to use the Internet to recruit, plan, and direct attacks or Russian efforts to manipulate neighbors with cyber attacks and propaganda. If China becomes an adversary, … Read More

GLOBAL Chairman Damian Perl named in inaugural ‘Top 30 Execs to Watch’ list

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Damian Perl, Chairman and CEO of Global Strategies Group, has been named as one of WashingtonExec’s ‘Top 30 Execs to Watch for 2016 in the government contracting space. The WashingtonExec initiative, judged by a panel of industry peers, focuses on leaders who are “positioning their businesses for greater growth and relevance ahead.” Damian was named for having built a “one-man company into a global enterprise” as a leading operator and investor in the national security technology sector. The citation also … Read More

Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc. Successfully Completes Transaction with STG Group Inc.

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Transaction Strengthens STG’s Position at the Center of U.S. National Security Provides Potential for Increased Organic Growth and Capital for Strategic M&A Opportunities RESTON, Va., November 24, 2015 – Global Defense & National Security Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GDEF) (“GDEF” or the “Company”), a special purpose acquisition company focused on the U.S. defense and national security sector, today announced the successful completion yesterday, November 23, 2015, of the previously announced transaction with STG Group, Inc. (“STG”), a leading provider of cyber, software and intelligence solutions to the U.S. government. At the closing of … Read More

Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc. and STG Group, Inc. Announce Strategic Business Combination

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RESTON, Va., June 9, 2015 – Global Defense & National Security Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GDEF) (“GDEF”), a special purpose acquisition company focused on the U.S. defense and national security sector, and privately-held STG Group, Inc. (“STG”), a leading provider of cyber, software and intelligence solutions to the U.S. government, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to form a strategic business combination (the “combination”).

Damian Perl writes on stimulating greater private investment in security and intelligence

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GLOBAL has recently supported an important piece of work from RUSI, the leading national security think tank, into how the UK Government can sustain research & development (R&D) and investment in critical national security and intelligence capabilities. This work takes place in the highly challenging context of the Government facing a growing number of technically advanced threats, from States, terrorist organisations and asymmetric adversaries while, at the same time, pressure on the public purse remains strong. As an active and … Read More

RUSI Announces Launch Date for GLOBAL-backed Report on R&D in Security and Intelligence

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Investment in security and intelligence R&D

The GLOBAL backed report from RUSI, the UK national security think tank, on the future of investment in security and intelligence R&D will be launched 15th April, 2015 in London. As a leading investor in these critical sectors, GLOBAL has always taken a keen interest in developing engagement between government and the investment community to strengthen national security capabilities, an issue which is explored in depth in the report. GLOBAL has been an active sponsor and supporter of the excellent RUSI … Read More

Rising to the “big data” challenge in biometrics

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GLOBAL’s biometrics colleagues are developing advanced ‘big data’ capabilities to aid criminal investigation and counter-terrorism. Sciometrics President Mark Walch explains. Fingerprints are amongst the best measures of human identity available – truly the “human barcode”. They are similar to DNA as biometric identifiers because they can be obtained either directly from individuals or from things they’ve touched or places they’ve been. However, fingerprint analysis, often critical to successful law enforcement and counter terrorism operations, is labour intensive, with large sources … Read More

GLOBAL SVP to Speak at Key Event on Public Diplomacy in High Threat Environments

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Nathan Puffer, Senior Vice President, Programs for GLOBAL Integrated Security (GIS), the US security and mission support division of Global Strategies Group, will this week join a panel of distinguished speakers to address the challenges of public engagement in high threat environments. The discussion will take place at a special event in Washington D.C. on October 24 – Risk, Recruitment and Retention: Engaging Foreign Publics in High Threat Environments. The event is organized jointly by the U.S. Advisory Commission on … Read More

GLOBAL Snapshot: Gavin Long, Senior Vice President, Global Strategies Group

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Gavin Long is a prospector. But rather than a pick and shovel, Gavin has built a career using the tools of financial analysis and market knowledge to look for acquisition opportunities in the fields of defense, national security, and technology. As he says himself, “I love running financial models and explaining them to CEOs. And I love teasing out the reasons why, in a quiet market, an outlier company is showing 15% growth. There are always opportunities out there if … Read More

Mike St John Green: Living in cyberspace – the new critical infrastructure of the smart city

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I left home last week without my smart phone. It wasn’t long before I realised I’d struggle through the day without it. Access to mobile on-line services has become a mainstay of our daily activities. Whether we recognise it or not, we depend more and more on a resilient urban cyberspace infrastructure. We want cities that are not only habitable physically, but smart digitally. Cities are the engines of wealth generation, and they are growing in size and complexity. A … Read More