A one man start-up founded in 1998 as a security services and risk management company. Early projects included supporting the United Nations in post conflict Kosovo, dealing with complex border security challenges in south-east Africa, and maritime anti-piracy consultancy in Asia.


After 9/11, GLOBAL was one of the very first organisations to enter Afghanistan, in November 2001. Having established the first non military air service in to the country, we later supported many critical and complex defence, diplomacy and development programmes, including the first Afghan elections and voter registration, counter narcotics and alternative livelihood projects, Afghan police training, and securing Kabul and Kandahar Airports.


From 2003, we also became involved in Iraq, and having co-ordinated the secure movement of ORHA/CPA from Kuwait to Baghdad in March of that year, we then established the Greenzone security framework. Subsequently we undertook a wide number of ground-breaking programmes, designing and implementing the secure delivery of the new Iraqi currency to more than 250 locations across the country; managing complex aviation security operations at Baghdad, Mosul and Najaf Airports; and securing a wide variety of critical infrastructure and facilities.


Over the following years, the company continued to grow rapidly and established offices in more than a dozen countries around the world. We also integrated key technologies in to a broader based service offering. This strategy and growth was driven by the continued requirement of our government and commercial customers for an innovative solutions based approach to mitigate their increasingly complex operational risks.

Our technology based strategy developed from February 2007 when we completed the acquisition of a US systems engineering and intelligence analysis business. This major initiative by the Group, investing the sums earned from the successful services business across in to technology, immediately gained new higher value capabilities and qualifications, and access to new customers, programmes and funding streams.


Having completed the outright acquisition we rebranded the enterprise as Global Defense Technology & Systems (GTEC) and over the following two years we created operational and commercial synergies that generated rapid transformation and organic growth.

When the business achieved sufficient scale in its mission critical capabilities of counter-terrorism, intelligence and force mobility, we took GTEC public with an IPO on NASDAQ in late 2009.


Following this with further ‘bolt-on’ acquisitions in cyber security and data analytics, we then sold GTEC in April 2011, completing a highly successful investment cycle that underlined our reputation for innovation and market-leading commercial performance.

By this point GLOBAL had grown organically to become a worldwide enterprise that had employed tens of thousands of personnel worldwide and made a difference to the lives of millions of people.


In 2012 we commenced the next phase of the Group’s strategic evolution towards technology investment and development. The move was driven by our deep understanding of the threats facing our biggest clients and the solutions required to mitigate them, and the corresponding shift of Government policy away from intervention and large scale force deployments. This policy shift preluded an increasing commoditization of the defence services market and so, having achieved significant scale and revenues during a period of sustained geo-political volatility and business risk, we re-directed our financial and intellectual capital in to the higher growth areas of national security technology.

Utilising the exceptional performance of the GTEC investment cycle, we strategically positioned the Group as a smart investor with notable operational performance that can help mentor and grow the companies in which it has an interest.


In October 2013, we undertook a major capital raise and launched a second public market initiative on NASDAQ with the IPO of Global Defense & National Security Systems, Inc. (GDEF), with its mission to buy in to leading mid tier defence and intelligence businesses, and rapidly scale through both commercial organic synergies and M&A build up.


In early 2015 we established a private sector equity investment capability, putting substantial capital to work in acquiring interests in dynamic growth oriented small to mid-size companies, developing next generation capabilities in data science, cyber security and specialist mission systems.

In June 2015, we announced that GDEF had entered into a definitive agreement to form a strategic business combination with privately-held STG Group, Inc. a leading provider of cyber, software and intelligence solutions to the U.S. government. The combination is expected to provide STG with capabilities and capital in order to pursue growth opportunities.

With all of our investments we seek to apply our deep understanding of the sector, of managing business growth and change and of the financial market, gained over many years of running a world wide enterprise at the forefront of national security. By using both public and private market capital structures to take key positions in dynamic growth businesses, Global Strategies Group is perfectly positioned to best support all of its stakeholders.