Global Defense and National Security Systems, Inc

Nasdaq : GDEF


Global Defense and National Security Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: GDEF) is a public company formed to acquire businesses operating in the U.S. defense and national security sectors.

On June 9th, 2015, we announced that GDEF had entered in to a definitive agreement to form a business combination with STG Group, Inc, a leading provider of cyber, software and intelligence solutions to the U.S. government. The combination is expected to create significant opportunities for growth by combining STG’s broad client base and significant differentiated capabilities with GDEF’s extensive network of government and industry relationships and business best practices. Read more about the transaction here.

The GDEF leadership team is focussed on businesses developing advanced, technology-driven capabilities aligned to key areas of U.S. defense and national security strategy.

Data Collection, Management and Analysis
Technologies that increase the accuracy and speed with which U.S. government agencies are able to gather, process and analyze intelligence in order to locate and neutralize threats to national security.

Cybersecurity and Secure Information Systems
Technologies that address increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks on information networks and critical infrastructure.

Mission Critical Systems and Support Services
Technology-based systems that support specific operations, including C4ISR systems, information technology and related support services.

Modernization of Current Systems and Platforms
Delivering advanced capabilities through modernizing and upgrading existing air, sea and land platforms with new technologies.