Aviation Security

Iraq and Afghanistan


As a leading provider of aviation security systems and services, GLOBAL was commissioned to design and implement new security programmes across five international airports in Iraq and Afghanistan.

GLOBAL Solution

GLOBAL conducted detailed risk assessments leading to the design and implementation of comprehensive security programmes at Iraq’s Baghdad, Mosul and Al Najaf International Airports

GLOBAL operations incorporated:

  • Perimeter security and access control
  • Force protection
  • Passenger, baggage and vehicle screening, including tens of thousands of vehicle and personnel searches on a weekly basis
  • Vetting, recruiting and training over 800 personnel to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards as part of a five year programme

At Kabul and Kandahar international airports in Afghanistan GLOBAL designed new, comprehensive security programmes. Operations incorporated:

  • Management of passenger and cargo screening, perimeter and airframe security.
  • Vetting, recruiting and training over 300 Afghan personnel to ICAO aviation security standards
  • Specialised aviation security training to Afghan security forces

The results of our programme design and oversight led to significant increases in international air traffic across all locations, playing a major role in supporting economic trade and development.